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Ages 2-4 (Under 4)
Ages 4+ (Under 6)
Ages 6+ (Under 8)
Ages 8+ (Under 10)
Ages 10+ (Under 12)
Ages 12+ (Under 14)

Delisle Minor Ball Email

Skate Delisle Email

Delisle Minor Hockey Email

Delisle Minor FootballEmail
Tykes on Spikes
Flag Football (grade 1-8)
Tackle Football (grade 5-8)

Delisle Golf Valleyview Golf and Country Club (306)493-3288 or visit our Website

Delisle Archery Association Darrell Richmond (306)493-2314

Delisle Curling – Neil Isley  (306)493-3033
Ladies Evening Curling League
Family/Junior Evening Curling Leagues
Open Afternoon Drop in Curling
Men’s Evening Drop In Curling
Open Fun Evening League Curling

Yoga – Sylvia Chave (306)493-2955

Tae Kwon Do Ann Kielo (306)717-0170

Asquith Garde Fencing Academy – Youth & Adult fencing class
Doug Brecht (306)227-5240 Email

Classes, Clubs & Courses

Delisle & District Guides ( Sparks, Brownies & Girl Guides)- Angela Bothner (306)620-3116

Delisle Riding Club Janette Martens (306)220-9367 Email or Kim Doig (306)270-7113 Email

Laura Multiple 4-H Club
 Allison Isley (306)493-3033 Email or Karen Isley (306)493-2751 Email 
Vanscoy Multiple 4-H Club Joanne Richmond (306)493-2367 Email

Community Choir
 Sharon Gessell (306)493-2943 Email

Community Players  (306)493-2963 or (306)493-2751

Vanscoy & District Agricultural Society Email  


Town Office – (306)493-2242

8:30am to 4:30pm

Seniors Centre – (306)493-2207

Campground – (306)493-2242

Delisle Rec Office(306)493-8283

300 3rd St W. Delisle, SK
Hours: Tuesday** & Thursday 9:00am to 1:00pm ** exception first Tuesday of the month office closes @ noon
Delisle Branch Wheatland Regional Library – (306)493-8288 or visit our Website
Hours: Monday 12-4pm Wednesday 12-4pm &  7-9pm  Friday 10-5pm

Delisle Centennial Arena (306)493-2229 

Ice bookings – Amanda (306)717-9133 or Email or visit our Website  

Delisle Curling Rink Town of Delisle (306)493-2242

Children & Learning

Toddler Playgroup Billie Parker Email 

Playschool President: Zabrina Zoerb (306)270-3056 Email or Teacher: Michelle (306)821-0609

Elementary School  (306)493-2451 Website

Composite School (306)493-2433 Website


Delisle Community Chapel – 417 2nd St E (306)493-2454

Delisle United Church 316 1st St W  (306)493-2227

St. Anne’s Parish – contact the Saskatoon Diocese, Blake Sittler at 306-659-5834 or Email