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Delisle is a friendly, active community located 40 kilometres (kms) southwest of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan’s largest city. It is located on Highway 7 at the junction of Highway 45. In Delisle, one can enjoy all the amenities of small town living with very easy access to all the attractions of a major city.

Delisle has an official census population of 1024 people and over 400 households. The population is a healthy mix of both young and old alike with demands for services for all age categories. The heartbeat of the community is agriculture and the potash industry. Two potash mines located nearby provide major employment opportunities for the area. In fact, the Agrium Potash mine is only 5 kms. away and is clearly visible from the northern edge of town. Agriculture and agriculture related industries also figure prominently in the local economy. Keybrand Foods Inc. is a major employer in the community involved in the salad processing industry. Orchard Transport Ltd., a local trucking firm, is also a major employer.

As Delisle is a quick twenty minute drive from the city limits, it is slowly becoming a bedroom community of Saskatoon. With Saskatoon’s plans for major expansion on the west side, that driving time will only be reduced. Residential and commercial property in Delisle is very reasonable to buy. The housing market is strong ensuring that homes retain their value. The recent opening of a nine hole grass green golf course on the north side of town has sparked an increase in housing starts in the last couple of years. To learn more about the real estate market in Delisle, please click on the “Real Estate” link found at the top   of this page.

All the streets in Delisle are paved. There is an abundant supply of excellent, treated water from a deep well source at very reasonable rates which ensures that there are no water shortages. The town uses the roll-out cart garbage collection system and the roll-out curbside recycling system provided by Loraas Disposal.

The Town of Delisle also has a full array of recreational, protective, school and health services for its residents. To view a full detailing of the services offered, please click on the “Recreation” or “Services” links found at the top of this  page.

  1. The Town of Delisle honored Orchard Transport Ltd. for their 100 years of service to the community with the plaque shown here.
  2. Councillor Dan Mantyka makes a presentation to George Orchard Transport Ltd. for 100 years of service to the Delisle community.
  3. Three generations of the Orchard Family (representing Orchard Transport Ltd.) accepting a plaque from the Town of Delisle for their 100 years of service to the Delisle Community.