For all Cemetery Inquiries, please call the Town Office @ 306-493-2242.


  1. No fencing, fancy rocks, solar lights, etc. surrounding grave site.
  2. Stepping stones only allowed if flush with the ground.
  3. Flowers (silk, dead, frayed, etc.), if impeding with care of cemetery, will be removed.
  4. No planting of shrubs or trees on gravesite. No planting of shrubs or trees anywhere in the cemetery without prior approval of the Cemetery Committee.
  5. Must have approval of the Cemetery Committee for all home-made headstones or markers.
  6. No grave covers (cement, fiberglass, bricks, etc.)
  7. No ornaments, decorations, etc. that impede with the care of the cemetery or that can be blown away by the wind.
  8. Once the new area is opened, only flat headstones will be allowed in the new area.


– The cost of one regular plot (5’ X 10’) is $250.00 plus GST

– The cost of one cremation plot (2’ X 2’) is $50.00 plus GST

– Catholic Crematorium – Lot 3, Block 8

– Protestant Crematorium – Lot 15, Block 1

– Royal Canadian Legion – Lots 18 & 17, Block 4 (Must be pre-approved

by Frank Orchard)


(measured from the surface of the ground to the bottom of the hole)

– Cremation – 3 feet

– Single Casket – 6 feet

– Stacked Caskets(2) – 9 feet

– Isle ways running East and West are 5’

– Isle ways running North and South are 10’


The Town of Delisle has purchased a 24-niche columbarium for the Delisle Cemetery. (see example below)

A columbarium is a structure for the respectful and public storage of funerary urns, holding cremated remains of the deceased. Each space in the structure is called a niche and they are capable of holding two urns. Not everyone wants to be interred in the ground or wants to keep the ashes of a loved one displayed in their home.

The cost of a niche is $800.00 plus taxes and the bronze plaque to go on the niche is $725.00 plus taxes.  This includes the original plaque and one extra date plaque.  Any additional date plaques would be $50.00 plus taxes.

The total cost for the purchase of a niche would be $1,525.00 plus applicable taxes.

Contact the Delisle Town Office:  306-493-2242 or delisle@sasktel.net